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Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES already supplies many manufacturers in the lighting industry with pre-assembled cables. Now we complete our program with suitable cable holders.

With our motto "one for all" you can get a cable holder for one cable diameter range from 0.63 mm to 1.80 mm in currently 7 different variations.

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Carl Stahl Technocables GmbH

2016: Time for a new corporate structure – the Carl Stahl Technocables GmbH

Changes are an inherent part of the corporate culture since the founding of Carl Stahl in 1880. We have begun as a small rope maker and we are now a global acting company with highly specialized products for various industries and we have a variety of cooperations. Carl Stahl has sustainable results due to the fact that the company is always adapted to the current economical demands.

In future the Carl Stahl GmbH is the holding company for three independent companies: the Carl Stahl Hebetechnik GmbH, the Carl Stahl ARC GmbH and the Carl Stahl Technocables GmbH.

The advantages of the new structures are obvious. In the future we can handle your individual challenges quicklier and more flexible, more efficient and more creative for offering customised solutions.

We from the Carl Stahl Technocables GmbH remain your expert and partner in the matter of small ropes and cables. We are looking forward to your contact. The team of the Carl Stahl Technocables GmbH wishes you a good start to a happy, healthy and successful new year 2016

Faszination Seil

Ideology of ropes and cables

In addition to the invention of the wheel, the rope is considered an important technical achievement of mankind.

It has already been used more than 3,000 years ago during the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

An even older find dates from a Bronze Age salt mine in Hallstatt (Austria). It is a rope which was woven from lime tree bark about 3500 years ago. With a thickness of 4 cm it had a breaking load of more than one ton and served as a transport rope for the exploited salt through the mine shafts.

Up to today industrially manufactured wire ropes fulfill its purpose and can be found in many applications.

The tradition lives on and we are proud to be part of it.

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES - Always a cable length ahead.